Chetco River salmon and steelhead fishing
Chetco River Fishing

Chetco River Salmon & Steelhead Fishing

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Chetco River Fishing! From Dusk 'Till Dawn, I Keep Fishin', Conventional or Fly Fishing

Trolling the mouth of the Chetco River September to early October - What away to start the season! Let's go Chetco River Fishing

Southern Oregon coastal rivers are considered by many top anglers as the Lower 48's Alaska

After the start, the fish move up river for bobber fishing for the entire month of October until the first weekend of November.

Starting the first Saturday of November we go to all terminal tackle and enjoy

Salmon River Fishing on the Chetco River.

The salmon fishing run usually peaks from the middle of November to early December. We then do combination of salmon and steelhead fishing.

The Chetco River is best known for its trophy Chinook from 50 to 60 pounds for both wild and hatchery winners steelhead.

In September below Highway 101 bridge, spinnerbait rigs and plug cut herring are used, and are being trolled for salmon averaging 28 pounds.

The salmon run this out around mid November as steelhead enter the river.
By December, anglers have usually landed several steelhead over 20 pounds. The peak of the run is in late February but good fishing continues through March.

steelhead fishing on the Chetco River Great Steelhead fishing on the Chetco River
 salmon fishing on the Chetco River Great Salmon fishing on the Chetco River

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