Chetco River salmon and steelhead fishing
Chetco River Fishing

Chetco River Salmon & Steelhead Fishing

Fishing Seasons - Chetco River Salmon and Steelhead Fishing

Spring Kings March through June

Fall Kings July through the First of October

Chetco River Salmon and Steelhead Fishing

The Chetco River has a great run of wild winter steelhead that begins in mid December and peaks in February, it continues until March 31st.

Steelhead in the low to mid 20's are taken each year, just take a look at our fishing photo's page.

We will be fishing you in a drift boat, side drifting a small offerings of cured roe combined with either a puffball or a few other methods that offers a natural presentation with the current as we drift down this incredible fishery.

Weather at this time of year is winter time so it's cold crisp and sometimes very wet but then again it can be beautiful and sunny. Dress in layers, wear waterproof footwear and bring raingear, sunglasses and a hat and certainly don’t forget your camera!

Chetco River Kings

salmon and steelhead fishing on the Chetco River

The Chetco River - beautiful scenery

salmon and steelhead Drift boat service on the Chetco River
Nice catch on the Chetco River

salmon and steelhead fishing on the Chetco River

November / December

Chetco River

The world famous Chetco River brings anglers from around the World to fish for it's Chinook Salmon. When we hook you into one of these get ready for a big fight.

Chetco River Steelhead

Run Schedule

The First of December March 31st.

Chetco River for the best salmon and steelhead fishing

Fall King Salmon

The Chetco River is home to some of the largest salmon and steelhead trout on the west coast.

It is not uncommon for anglers to hook Salmon in the upper 50's to low 60lbs class. The Chetco River is short approximately 50 miles long.

You will spend the day in a comfortable, heated drift boat that is also equipped with a rain top if needed.

We start estuary fishing in mid October, trolling plug cut herring, spinners and spinner bait rigs.

After fall rains begin king salmon begin to flood the Chetco's system. We will be pulling plugs, kwikfish, flatfish or Sting fish wrapped with a sardine fillet or back bounce roe bait through the slots and holes.

When a big king salmon hits your plug you must prepare for a good battle, they are powerful.

Salmon run begins in early October Through the first week or so in December.

The Steelhead run begins Mid December running untill the end April 30th.

salmon and steelhead drift boat fishing on the Chetco River

This Photo has a little water on the lens but it still does not take away from it's size

The Chetco River Salmon and Steelhead drift boat fishing.